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Have you ever heard about Google voice numbers? I think everybody is familiar with them. But if you are not, then there is no need to be worried because I am going to explain each and everything about Google voice numbers. As we all know, Google provides numbers. But the voice numbers that are provided by Google are quite unique. In this way, you will come to know how to use these numbers, for what purposes these numbers can be used, and from where to buy google voice numbers

In nowadays, the use of these numbers and accounts is very common. In the initial , people were not aware of these accounts. They became famous gradually. Still, there are so many people who don’t know to use these accounts. But these types of numbers and accounts are very demanding and advanced. The most authentic service that is provided by Google is nothing else except the voice numbers.

Google Voice Accounts


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After reading the information that is written below, you will be able to use these numbers perfectly. You will come to know the exact purpose of using these numbers. In this way, you will get more benefits. If you don’t know the use of anything then you can’t get the desired benefit. Similarly, if you will be unaware of the exact purpose of anything then you will be unable to use that thing perfectly.

And for success, perfect use is the key. So, before using anything, first, learn the exact use and then use it. Otherwise, you will just waste your precious time. If you want desirable results then learning and getting complete information is very important. Therefore, we are here to help you in every field of life. After reading this, you will be able to take a good decision. So let’s start. 



These numbers are for those who need multiple numbers for texting, calling, and voicemails. These numbers can be used on smartphones and the web. Some people use them for official purposes while some people use them for personal needs. Isn’t it fascinating to have more numbers? Yes, of course. As we all know, we can buy limited numbers from the market.

But Google provides us numerous numbers. And everyone wishes to have more numbers. But now, you can easily fulfill your desire because these numbers are easily available to you. 

Mostly people use them for accomplishing their business needs. As we all know, we can’t run a business with only one account or one number. For this purpose, we always need things in bulk. Otherwise, the desirable results can’t be achieved. Just like other necessities of business, Google voice numbers are also required in bulk

It is cleared from the name that this service us established by Google. This was first introduced by Google in 2009. Right after it’s introduced in the market, it gained popularity. You can avail this service anywhere because it can be used on the web as well as on the phone. Basically, this service is available in the US. It uses VoIP, thus enabling you to make voice calls on different web associations.

For using this service, you don’t need anything. The required thing is a good internet connection only. All the services that are provided by Google are quite incredible. And the example is in front of you in the form of Google voice numbers. You will never find the kind of services that google provides anywhere else. For efficient working and incredible results, you should avail this incredible service. It will help you a lot.


You will be amazed after reading the incredible benefits and you will crave to buy google voice accounts. Don’t you think it will be unfair for you if you will not buy them? Yes, it is. And you will realize this thing after reading the benefits of it. So, let’s increase your craving by explaining the benefits one by one.

  • Google allows you to call in America or Canada by using your Gmail account. Will you find such an incredible service somewhere else? Not at all. You can call in America or Canada from any part of the world. For this purpose, you just have to send a request for a voice number. We all have relatives in these countries. So we can use these numbers for calling them. Moreover, these numbers can be used by entrepreneurs to call clients. So, this is a very useful service introduced by Google.
  • Another amazing benefit if this number is that it hides your identity. If you want to call someone and you don’t want to show him your identity then you should use these numbers. These numbers are also very good for pranking and fun. In order to catch criminals, these numbers can be used. Every time when you will use, the number will be changed. So, no one can identify you. Just buy these numbers and have some fun. These numbers are available for all kinds of purposes. So, use them in a way you like most.
  • With the help of these numbers, you can also do conference calls with your partners or clients. The call will never be interrupted. Enjoy the call with full concentration. You can add numerous members in your call. Attend the conference call once in this way and then you will do it again and again.
  • For this purpose, you should not be in a specific place. You can send and receive calls in any part of the world. If you are traveling then there is no issue. You can also receive a call during the journey. You just have a good Wi-Fi connection or cellular data.
  • The most amazing benefit of these numbers is that you can record all the calls easily. This thing is quite helpful for agencies and forces. If someone is trapping the criminal then the recording of calls plays a very important role. Easily record the calls and accomplish your missions.
  • Sometimes, it happens that the users of google voice can’t hear the voices properly due to problems in service. So there is a facility for them that they can easily record the call on their phones. After that, you can easily listen to the recorded calls.
  • You can do anything during calls. Because google continuously adds additional power during calls. You can start recording at the mid of calls. You can also stop recordings. You can also put your phone on charging. You can switch your phone on or off. By doing all these things, your calls will not be interrupted.
  • If someone sends you messages on your Google number then there is no restriction. You can open it on your own phone as well as on any other connected phone. These messages will be routed to other connected phones by service. When you use your own phone number, then you cannot get any message on other phones unless you inject your sim. But you don’t have to do this if you are using the Google voice numbers. Your messages will be easily transferred to other connected phones by the Google service. In order to avoid this difficulty, you can use Google numbers.
  • Another amazing thing about Google voice numbers is this that you messages will be saved in it’s interface. None of your messages will be deleted unless you delete them on your own. So, open the older conversations whenever required. This is the best thing about these kinds of numbers.
  • These numbers work like Gmail. All of your conversations will be showed to you in sequence. The latest conversations will be on top. And the older conversations will be on bottom. So that you time will not be wasted in finding important conversations.
  • By using these numbers, you can easily put forward your calls to the private line. Sometimes you held a business meeting and you can’t talk privately with one person in so many people. But now this is possible. You can easily transfer the call on your personal phone number. Most people use these numbers as a base.
  • If you have access to WLAN then you can use these numbers from any part of the world. Use these numbers and attend your important business meetings. It doesn’t matters where you are? Now, your important meetings will not be missed.
  • Enjoy pranking, calling, and messaging with your friends and family members. As mentioned above, these numbers are available for all types of users either they are ordinary or special. For entrepreneurs, these numbers are blessings. They can easily accomplish their important tasks without spending a penny.

All of the above benefits are quite incredible. Now, you can easily conclude that these numbers are really helpful and you can accomplish most of your important tasks by using them. Just like your Gmail accounts, you will be fascinated a lot from your Google voice accounts. So, buy them if you don’t have them.

buy google voice number


As mentioned above, all types of people can use these numbers. If you are a entrepreneur then you can use them for business meetings, dealings, and social media marketing. If your relatives are out of country, then use these numbers for calling them because these numbers are completely free of cost. 

And if you will call them with your phone number then you will just waste your credit. These numbers are also used by agencies for trapping criminals. If you want to do a prank with your foreigner friends then you can also do this with the help of these numbers.



If you want to call someone by using these numbers then follow the method written below.

·        First of all, you have to open the Voice application Google voice on your phone or another device.

·        Then click on the option of Calls Call. After opening the application you will be able to see this option easily.

·        After that, you will see the list of your recent calls. If the person to which you are calling will be in your recent call list then click on the name and call him.

·        If the person is not in your recent list then follow the method written below.

·        Write the name of your friend in the search bar. After that it will be appear to you in the application.

·        Then tap his name and call him.

·        The other method of calling your friend is that tap the Dial and write the number of your friend.

·        At last, tap on the call.

·        But first you have to write the country code before the number.

Through the above- mentioned easiest ways, you can easily call someone from any part of the world.


You can also receive incoming calls. If you don’t want someone to call you on your personal number then ask them to call you in your Google number. But for this purpose, you have to do some important settings. So, let’s have an eye on them.

·        First of all, open the Voice app on your mobile or web.

·        After opening the app, open the first page of app.

·        Then look down. There will be a option of “Call forwarding” at the end of page. Click on it.

·        After clicking on it, you will see all of devices that you have enclosed with your Voice app. Switch “on” those devices that you want to connect with your voice app.

In this way, you will receive all your calls on your Google voice number.

If you want to send and receive messages on your Google number then the method is quite same. You just have to open the Voice app and type a message. Then you have to send it to the number by taping send option. Similarly, if you want to receive messages on your Google number then switch “on” the devices to the Voice app.

buy google voice number


This is the easiest way of growing business. Social media marketing is the first and foremost requirement of every business. There are different ways through which you can do social media marketing. And this is the best way of trapping clients. If you will not do it then you will be unable to catch numerous clients. Loyal and numerous clients are the desire of every businessman. 

And it can be only possible with social media marketing. Ye world is becoming advance day by day. Therefore, people are preferring social media marketing instead of ordinary marketing. 

You have to do this. For this purpose, you can hire a social media marketer or you can do it by yourself. If you will do it by yourself then you will gain experience and you will also save your money. Because marketers ask for payment. So, I suggest you to perform this task by yourself because you better know about your product and service.


If you want to use Google voice numbers for accomplishment of this task then you have to buy Google voice numbers in bulk. If you will use them, you will also get foreigner clients. Your business will become famous in the whole world. Call your clients and random people in different parts of the world with different numbers. And then tell them about your products. 

Give them complete details of your product. There is a probability that you may listen some bad words from people but it is confirmed that you will get massive clients in the short period of time. By using this trick, you can promote your business in no time. There are a lot of famous entrepreneurs who had promoted their business by this method.

As mentioned above, these numbers can also be used for business meetings. People mostly use these numbers for conference calls. If you don’t want to show your number to a lot of unknown people then you should use these numbers. 

Nowadays, every entrepreneur is doing this to hide his personal number. Moreover, if you don’t want to show your real number to your new clients then you can use the Google numbers. When you start trusting him, then you can show your real number to him. This saves you from fraud and hacking. Try to keep your real number private.

If you are a social media marketer and you are willing to tell people about your services then call different people by using these numbers. In this way, your identity will remain hidden. And people will come to know about your services. Moreover, if you are promoting someone else’s brand then you must use these numbers.

From reading all of the above, we can easily conclude that Google voice numbers play very important role in promotion of business. So don’t waste your time by using fake tricks. This is the real trick through which you can get incredible clients and customers.



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Nowadays, Google voice accounts is the need of every entrepreneur. But it is difficult to manage these accounts in bulk. Therefore, we decided to make these accounts in bulk for the convenience of our customers. 

People are buying Google accounts from us and accomplishing their important tasks. If you want to buy these accounts then contact us without any hesitation. Just follow some important steps and accounts will be yours. For all types of information about Google Voice numbers, read the above article. This article will help you a lot.