HTTPS=HTTP+Security. You just need to understand that a website uses HTTPS more secure than HTTP.


When a site asks you to enter data such as a phone number or password and gives you a SEND button. When you click on it, what you are doing is sending that information to a computer somewhere on the world.

Now imagine, that this information is in an envelope that transported a carrier pigeon, what would happen if the pigeon’s journey someone caught it and opened the envelope?

Yes, it will simply intercept the communication and see what you are trying to send. Also, you can return the pigeons to your route without hearing anything.

When you use HTTPS, that communication is encrypted. As an example, someone picks up the pigeon and opens the envelope, it will not understand what is going on or it will have to be decoded in some way.

This is why many bank sites and online shopping have addresses starting with HTTPS because they use this system to protect the information that is sent through their pages.

Over time, HTTPS is not only needed for banking data but its use is encouraged in messaging services such as Facebook or Snapchat and in email sites such as Gmail or Hotmail. In some of these sites, you can enable it or not and in other pages, it is enabled by default.

Our recommendation is whenever you can activate it because it will work exactly the same way and you will be safer to use it.


Maybe I’m trying to start this article in a private way, but I still remember how in 2002 I made the first steps in the Internet world and started with a Hotmail account.

History of Hotmail

For those who do not know much about this topic, I will give a brief summary before moving on to the idea of this article. Hotmail was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith at the time was “HotMail” and it was the first webmail service.

It was released at the same time as RocketMail, which eventually became Yahoo! Mail, the launch was made in 1996, the free storage at that time was 2 MB, one year after launching this, over 8.5 million subscribers were reported.

In 1997, Microsoft made the best move in the history of buying $ 400 million and joining Hotmail with MSN services, which is the way MSN Hotmail was born, the popularity of the service increased dramatically. And it has become the largest webmail service in the world with more than 30 million users, all for 1999. Everything has grown and improved until 2011 when hundreds of pages accumulated in Microsoft’s forum (the creators of Excel) with complaints from users who have spent years and saved emails.

2012, more precisely on July 31 until February 18, 2013, a transitional phase began to move Hotmail into Outlook, the service was renovated with a large number of new options, in accordance with the time and a significantly improved interface.

But let’s leave aside the broad history, we simply try to summarize the most important parts, go to what we care, let’s start step by step.

How to create a Hotmail email account

The first thing you should do is go to the official website of Outlook (Hotmail) where you can see a screen similar to the one you can see in the picture below.


This screen so you can see really is a few basic things since the idea is to keep it simple and have access to all the Outlook options, firstly on the left side, they are We see a random tip that will be changed every time you enter this site. On the right you can find the images that you should fill in if you have an account to sign in to Hotmail or Outlook, below are some useful links and the bottom is what we care about. “Do you have a Microsoft account? Sign up now.” In this place, you have to click and wait for the next page to load.

Here is what you will see is a form at the top you will begin to fulfill all that is required, basically your basic information that any service must register. Start with your full name, as well as the username for you to use as the email and password you need to retype it for security. Then select the country where you live, your date of birth and finally your gender.

What we see below is extremely important as it will ask you for a phone number and an alternate email, in this way in case you lose your password or have problems with your account, you can restore all information or access to it your phone number, which is why I always say you put your actual data into this account to avoid future issues, do not worry that Microsoft will not Ever consumer credit or your data publicity, then confirm the security characters and you just click “create account” below everything.

Start the mail session in Hotmail

Now that you have your Hotmail account or rather Outlook creates, the next thing you have to learn is to login Hotmail. Again we will go to the main Outlook page to find us with this screen.

But before you continue if you look closely, you may notice that there is another option that says “Keep the session up.” Keep in mind that if you choose this option, you will not have to return your access data each time you visit the Outlook page (unless you’re signed out) so if you close your browser and reopen it, you’ll enter it directly. Its account is very useful to save time, but if the computer you are signing in is not yours, we recommend not marking it to prevent others from entering your account.

If you want to find out how to sign in Hotmail more, visit

Outlook inbox

Now that you have started connecting with Hotmail so in a few words we are in the inbox, in this section we will have a lot of options, in this case, we will comment on the mechanics. Although I recommend you test now you do not have important emails and the account is “new” to be able to know a bit more about Outlook and all the possibilities that it offers.

There are a number of email programs, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail… and so on. Today we will focus on the following program called Outlook.

What is Outlook?

It is a program of the Microsoft computer package.

There are several versions of Outlook, this means that sometimes the program is updated and you may have other new options, we will focus on this brief guide in the version of Outlook 2010.

With this program, we can send and receive emails, which is a way to communicate with many people.

Messages may include attachments, images, videos, etc.

How to create and send an email?


It is easy, there is an option in the toolbar named Start and it has other options, one of which is Create New Mail.

When you create a new account, the window will automatically open where you can include recipients (whom we have emailed).

In the theme we will take the theme of our letter, such as happy birthday.

In the body of the email (it is named for the part where we can write our mail.

To end our mail and send it is offered the option to send, we have the option to save the mail in a folder and then return him to modify or send it.

What can be included in an email?

Computers with documents fromIn emails we send or receive may contain attachments, which may be Word, pdf, video, zip file, image, mp4, link, etc.

Outlook Bar Options

Outlook has a number of options to work with it as we have seen before, from putting a design to the email we want to send as background, image, table, etc … you also have Schedule a meeting, set a warning so that we know at a certain time of the day, make notes to memorize tasks, etc.

It is a very complete program and it is the email most commonly used by computer users, but it must also be recognized that not all of them know the options of deep mailing.


Below we’ll briefly describe some of your options, which are most commonly used:

File there are other options:

– Save as (to name the message stored in a folder)

– Save attachments (save attachments contained in messages, they are stored in a folder)

– Information (It serves to configure with our mail preferences)

– Open (open calendar, file, import mail or open folder)

– Print (to print a letter or part of it)

– Help (you can find help in case of doubt regarding the Outlook program)

– Optional (to set language, notes, contacts, calendar, etc.) or leave a message.

Get started, in this option there are others, such as:

– A new message

– New element

– new meeting

– Delete emails

– Reply or forward a message

– Move email to folder

– Configure rules to get incoming messages to the directory we want

– Mark as read or unread email

– A contact list, which is the agenda of the people you write or write, may contain your phone number, address, and so on.

– Search, in this option you can search emails by subject, contact or word in the message

Send and receive. This option allows us to update our messages to investigators, with the following options:

– Update directory

– Show the progress, tell us the message, if we have sent or are receiving mail

– Cancel all, this option cancels all emails that we have in the outbox

– Download the title, subject heading of the message, date and name of the person writing to us and in this option, they will be placed in the folder we want.

Folder With other options like New Folder, Copy Folder, Mark Email Read, Delete All, Restore deleted, Favorites display, Folder permissions and attributes.

Vista In this option, you can change the appearance of Outlook, we can set viewing options, add columns, change how we see emails and folders, or view email by date.

Other options

Outlook has other options such as help, it is a question mark, it is usually located in the upper right, it shows us a box where you can write questions or doubts about the message. Birthday girl with a cake

It has a calendar where you can write down what you need to remember, a meeting, birthday, etc.

Text, date and alarm can be included to display when needed.

In your contacts list, you can see the information we have about that person, email, phone, birthday, etc.

There is an option that we can use for our tasks; it can be marked by color or category, placed on or in the state in which the task is, ie if it is in the process. or completed the task.

If you want to know other computer programs, in the following link you have their list (some are in development):

Responsive Hotmail functionality

Tired of SPAM? Unwanted emails from people who do not know you and will not stop bothering you, in emails that tell you that you have won $ 1 million, or you write very important lawyers around the world who need your help.

If you have encountered any of these issues, what you need is to block the sender in the Hotmail message, and here we show you how to do so.

Because if we do not block the sender, we may experience a nuisance in Hotmail’s inbox, we’ll show you an interesting tool that we must know to end this chaos.


How to block senders in messages

Steps to follow:

  1. We must log in to with our email address and password.
  2. We looked for the message configuration icon on the right and chose “other mail configuration options”.
  3. Here we set the “avoid spam” – >> then the sender is safe and blocked.
  4. On the next page, we will find three new options, we have selected the last option, “blocked senders”.
  5. And we were at the last step, the only thing we needed was to add the address of the sender of the message that we wanted to block, then just click add to the list and that’s it.

If you do not want to use your account to participate in the Microsoft services anymore, just delete Hotmail account. Delete Hotmail account is quite simple but if you do not know how to delete, please refer to the instructions in the article.

Delete Hotmail account when no longer need to use is the frequent occurrence to the user. Due to various factors, you want to change your Hotmail to work and study.


Step 1: Login Hotmail.

Step 2: Step 2: Click here to close the Hotmail account.


Step 3: Check all checkboxes -> Select the reason you want to delete the account Hotmail -> Finally select Mark account for Closure.

NOTE: You have 60 days from now to regain your Hotmail account.

Hotmail signatures make you professional in sending emails. Hotmail signatures come in two forms: text or image, which introduces basic information about you.


Step 1: Sign in Hotmail.

At the interface, select the aliasing icon -> Select Option.

Step 2: Select Mail -> Select Email Singnature (create email signature).

Step 3: At the Hotmail signature creation interface, you have the tools to create your own signature.

  • Include typeface, color, alignment margin …
  • Insert image into Hotmail signature.
  • Choose the Hotmail signatures automatically.

After creating the Hotmail signature -> Select Save to save the signature.

Step 4: Now you go back to the Hotmail interface and send an email -> Hotmail signature has appeared.

Here are some tips for creating Hotmail signatures to help your email become more professional. If you do not have a Hotmail account, you can quickly register Hotmail to create a Hotmail account not only can use the email service but also can download many applications for Windows 10 today.

To increase the security of your Hotmail account, you should regularly change your password. Here are instructions on how to change your password on Hotmail – Outlook.

Step 1

First, you access the Outlook account, formerly the Hotmail account by typing in the username and password. After a successful login, your e-mail inbox.

Step 2

You click on your Avatar at the top right corner of the mailbox, then select View account.

Step 3

Next, click on the More actions link, You will see on the Password and Security info screen, click the Change Password link under that section.

Step $

The screen will show you how to change the password. In the Current Password field, enter the old password. New password field to enter the new password, then type a new password in Reenter password field.

After completing the password, choose Save to save.


– The password you just changed is used for all Microsoft accounts. So when you sign in to Windows 8, SkyDrive or Skype, you’ll need to enter a new password.

If you want to maximize your security, you can enable the password change feature after 72 days by ticking the Make me change my password every 72 days check box.

Create Hotmail account that gives you access to all Microsoft services. Hotmail is provided to users for free and easy to Hotmail sign up, high-security features. Let Sign up Hotmail account now!!

How to register a Hotmail account:

Step 1: Go to website

Step 2: If you have an account, enter your account name and click Sign in. Otherwise, click on Create One!


Or go directly to, where you can create a new Hotmail account.


Here, you fill out the information requested by Microsoft. There are important notes that you should read carefully:

  • Full Name: Enter and Full Name or Nickname.
  • Login name: Select a Microsoft login email you want to create does not coincide with the existing user name. You can choose one of the three email extensions: @, @ and @ You click on the box after the letter @ to choose.
  • Password: Password must be 8 characters or more, is case sensitive.
  • Country: select your country.
  • Postal code: your postal code.
  • Date of birth: Enter your date of birth.
  • Gender: Select your gender.
  • Country code: (+1) if you are American.
  • Phone Number: If you have a phone number, enter it here, it will help to secure your Microsoft account better.
  • Alternate email address: If you already have an email account, enter here. When you forget or lose your password, you can retrieve your password via this email.
  • Type the characters you see: Type the letters you see in the box below it.

Next, Check your message box, you have a messenger from Microsoft.


Enter the code. Then Click Next.


Important note: You must not let anyone know your Hotmail account password. If you have exposed your Hotmail password, let change your Hotmail password.