What is HTTPS and what is the difference with HTTP

HTTPS=HTTP+Security. You just need to understand that a website uses HTTPS more secure than HTTP.


When a site asks you to enter data such as a phone number or password and gives you a SEND button. When you click on it, what you are doing is sending that information to a computer somewhere on the world.

Now imagine, that this information is in an envelope that transported a carrier pigeon, what would happen if the pigeon’s journey someone caught it and opened the envelope?

Yes, it will simply intercept the communication and see what you are trying to send. Also, you can return the pigeons to your route without hearing anything.

When you use HTTPS, that communication is encrypted. As an example, someone picks up the pigeon and opens the envelope, it will not understand what is going on or it will have to be decoded in some way.

This is why many bank sites and online shopping have addresses starting with HTTPS because they use this system to protect the information that is sent through their pages.

Over time, HTTPS is not only needed for banking data but its use is encouraged in messaging services such as Facebook or Snapchat and in email sites such as Gmail or Hotmail. In some of these sites, you can enable it or not and in other pages, it is enabled by default.

Our recommendation is whenever you can activate it because it will work exactly the same way and you will be safer to use it.


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