Sign up for Hotmail within 2 minutes!

Create Hotmail account that gives you access to all Microsoft services. Hotmail is provided to users for free and easy to Hotmail sign up, high-security features. Let Sign up Hotmail account now!!

How to register a Hotmail account:

Step 1: Go to website

Step 2: If you have an account, enter your account name and click Sign in. Otherwise, click on Create One!


Or go directly to, where you can create a new Hotmail account.


Here, you fill out the information requested by Microsoft. There are important notes that you should read carefully:

  • Full Name: Enter and Full Name or Nickname.
  • Login name: Select a Microsoft login email you want to create does not coincide with the existing user name. You can choose one of the three email extensions: @, @ and @ You click on the box after the letter @ to choose.
  • Password: Password must be 8 characters or more, is case sensitive.
  • Country: select your country.
  • Postal code: your postal code.
  • Date of birth: Enter your date of birth.
  • Gender: Select your gender.
  • Country code: (+1) if you are American.
  • Phone Number: If you have a phone number, enter it here, it will help to secure your Microsoft account better.
  • Alternate email address: If you already have an email account, enter here. When you forget or lose your password, you can retrieve your password via this email.
  • Type the characters you see: Type the letters you see in the box below it.

Next, Check your message box, you have a messenger from Microsoft.


Enter the code. Then Click Next.


Important note: You must not let anyone know your Hotmail account password. If you have exposed your Hotmail password, let change your Hotmail password.

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